Desktop/Compiled Apps
A selection of some of my compiled applications that are either command line interface (CLI) apps or Desktop UI applications for Linux or MacOS.

Note: Currently no binaries are provided on this website, and it will be required to clone the source code from the repository and build the apps locally in order to run them.


Basic Personal Finance app

A Free/Open Source, simple, fast and native Personal Finance application for MacOS (Cocoa) and Linux (Qt). The original version with a native (Cocoa) OS X interface was written in 2009, and a more modern Qt UI port (for Linux) was started in 2020.

Status: Active, still maintained
OSs: MacOS, Linux
Created: October, 2009
Software License: GPL v2.0
Github repo:


Basic Sunrise/Sunset calculator app for MacOS

A Sunrise and Sunset calculator for MacOS that can also plot the times over a timeframe on a graph.

Status: Inactive, but still works.
Created: Early 2008
Software License: GPL v2.0
Github repo:

Sitemon 2

Integrated Website monitoring and load-testing tool

Sitemon 2 is a cross-platform website monitoring and load testing tool with built-in webserver and database.

Status: Legacy
OSs: MacOS, Linux, Windows (maybe?)
Created: April, 2010
Software License: Apache 2.0
Github repo:

Web Apps

These applications are basic web pages/apps, which use client-side HTML/CSS/JavaScript in a Web Browser.

Great Circle Route

Great Circle Route plot visualiser

An interactive (rotate-able and zoom-able) globe of the Earth, with the ability to plot on it ideal Great Circle Route routes (generally the shortest path by air and what international flights try and fly to) and linear/flat routes (the shortest route on a 2D flat map projection) between a selection of airports.


Sunrise/Sunset calculator

A basic sunrise and sunset calculator web page, using JavaScript to dynamically calculate the times in the selected location (using local time), and it also draws a basic circular dial plot of the times.


Sun, Moon and Milky Way Planner

A more advanced sunrise and sunset calculator, which visually plots sunset/sunrise times (with twilight), as well as moon phase and elevation, in addition to the Milky Way galaxy elevation and orientation in the sky.

This is a slightly modified version of Travis Taylor's Milky Way Planner.