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Two weeks ago I returned from a trip back to the UK for a few weeks, stopping off in San Francisco for a few days on the way out, and I have almost finished processing the DSLR photos I took, so this is just a quick post containing a single photo each from some of the locations I visited whilst away.

San Francisco:

Photo of San Francisco


Photo of Bristol


Photo of Bath Crescent


s College Cloisters


Photo of Chichester

Needles, Isle Of Wight:

Photo of the Needles, Isle Of Wight

Photos from Trip

I’ve just got back from a trip back to the UK for a few weeks, stopping off in Hong Kong on the way out and Singapore on the way back, which was very enjoyable if also very tiring.

Despite the battery life issue I have with it, the new camera held up well, and I found the Live View functionality very useful for shooting on a tripod and focusing by touching on the screen.

I used this method to tick the box on some (somewhat cliché) location photos in both Hong Kong and Singapore (see below) that I did want to take, and I hope to return to both places in the future to explore more (although the evidence of political rumblings in Hong Kong was fairly apparent).

Hong Kong:

Night photo of Hong Kong

Isle of Wight, UK:

Photo of clock in UK


Photo of Singapore

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