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Central New South Wales Trip

Pointcloud Processing Tooling

Simple Photo Collage Generation

Great-Circle Route Visualisation with three.js

Timelapse Blending

Trip Photos

Basic Apple M2 Pro CPU Benchmarks

LIDAR Digital Surface Model Map Renders

Average Global Cloud Cover Satellite Imagery

Autumn Leaves

Process Recorder - psrec

Basic Apple M1 Pro CPU Benchmarks

Minimalist Faux 3D Relief Map Renders

Aurora Australis (Southern Lights)

Displaced Height Historical Map Renders

Interpreter Programming Language Benchmarks

Crafting Interpreters

Sunset Photo

Christchurch and Canterbury trip

PRNG Evaluation and Benchmarks for Monte Carlo Simulations

Population Density Map Voxel Renders

Camera Repaired

Tasmania Trip

HTTPS TLS Webserver support with S2N

New South Wales and Queensland Trip, 2019

Photos from Trip

Astrophotography Attempt

Fast Log Timestamp parsing for Timestamp delta checking

New Camera Gear

C++ Compiler Benchmarks v2

Image Texture Caching

Light Transport / Light Sampling debug visualisation

Statistics, "localised" light sampling, and other "fancy" stuff

C++ Compiler Benchmarks

Geometry Memory Efficiency and Quantisation

Katana Integration Support

Complex Shading and UDIM Texture Atlas support

Progress and Future Work

Volumetric Renders


Curve Rendering for Fur and Hair

Translucent Material for Subsurface Scattering

Subsurface Scattering

KDTree Benchmarks

C++ Virtual Function Overhead

Accurate Ocean Waves

(Barely) Plausible Wave Displacement

Oren Nayar BRDF




Wireframe Shader

Reconstruction Filtering

Hidden Progress

Dragons (Instanced Geometry)

Motion Blur

Environment Light Importance Sampling

Hashed Mailboxing


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